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Sportswear of Tomorrow solves overproduction by on demand manufacturing, brings sustainability by using recycled polyester or biobased fabrics and builts in the latest tech into the garments we produce.

Just a few words, is not enough to describe what we do at Sportswear of Tomorrow. But, we solve sportswear brands their production issues with low or no MOQs, quick production times and building in the latest technologies into the garments. We are our customer's trusted partner so they can focus on building their brand and business and we take care of all production- and logistics-headaches. Explore all the possibilities on our website, or if you immediately want to talk to us, reach out! We only work for sportswear brands. We produce based on our standard styles or based on your techpack/drawings or samples. 22 years since I found the company, I am still as excited about what we do. I love the industry and its people and we are eager to continue to transform it, together with our customers.
- Kevin Van Lancker, Founder

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Whether you are just starting out or are a worldwide known brand, manufacturing on demand will free up cash, contribute to a better planet and free the workload on your end.

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All garments are made of recycled plastic waste or bio-based fabrics.
We help brands to make an efficient switch.

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We have created a unique platform that connects your online store to our production facilities so that your orders do not travel across the world, but will be fulfilled near your end-customer in record fulfillment times.

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We respond to all requests within 1 working day, or speak to a team member by booking a meeting straight away.

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We are offering the latest technologies pre- and post- production so you can make your brand stand out.
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We offer full photo and video services of your products too, so you do not need take care of this hassle. We want you to focus on running your business.

A one-stop point European sportswear manufacturer based in Romania.
Sportswear of Tomorrow is known to be one of the most innovative factories in Europe.

We produce high-performance sportswear, athleisure, activewear and outdoor gear. Embark on a revolutionary partnership with us, if you are eager to redefine the future of sports apparel, including the implementation of AI to reduce waste on all levels.

At Sportswear of Tomorrow, we have a professional team of product developers, pattern makers, graphic designers and a team of seamstresses, led by production managers with over 11 years of in-depth expertise. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge design and technology into your sportswear collections.

Elevate your brand by leveraging our expertise in sustainable fabrics, manufacturing on demand as well as bulk manufacturing and in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Join us in shaping the next generation of sportswear experiences —where innovation meets collaboration.

You can also benefit of having a production plant in 6 places worldwide by 2026. Want to launch your brand overseas without all the import and export hassle? Then make sure you keep following our developments.

Explore the endless possibilities with Sportswear of Tomorrow as your innovation partner.

Artificial Intelligence in Sportswear

Sportswear of Tomorrow is developing its own AI tools to measure your customer, pick the best size and allow your customer to design his/her own garment. Over the past years, many design tools appeared (2D/3D based), something we did as well. However - we stopped that development as we believe AI would make these tools obsolete. Want to learn more how our AI tools can help your sportswear business? Schedule a call with a representative.

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3D, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Sportswear.

Sportswear of Tomorrow is not just a sportswear manufacturer. It has invested and runs the latest technology. We are heading towards an industry where customisation is key.

But how do you make your customer feel confident that the product will look great once it's shipped to them? Right, by showing them the product in a real-life environment, using 3D, AR or VR.

We can help you to integrate all these solutions in your website.

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Are you ready for the future in sportswear manufacturing? We are!

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Our products are shipped to leading brands with high-quality standards.

FESPA 'Opportunities created' Amsterdam March 2024.

sportswear pro conference
FESPA is the largest exhibition worldwide on everything that is related to printing.

Kevin Van Lancker, founder of Sportswear of Tomorrow, spoke on a panel about sustainability and the future of sportswear manufacturing. Topics included AI in Sportswear, Circularity, Built-in Tech and Traceability.

Sportswear of Tomorrow has been at the forefront of new technologies in sportswear for many years. The panel discussion has been hosted by Samantha Taylor and was joined by Soudi Masouleh, Nicole Espey, and Kevin Van Lancker.

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Sublimation and CMT Sportswear Producer.

or POD

for sportswear brands.

Sportswear of Tomorrow started in 2002, as a brand of sportswear. We tried, like many amongst you, to find a factory that understood our needs as a startup.

Unfortunately, after several years of trying and wasting a lot of money, we understood there is only 1 way: manufacture apparel by ourselves.

Today we are a production partner to brands around the world. No matter their size. With a focus on premium product quality, agility & quick communication. We give brands the opportunity to live-track their orders in production. Full transparency is key.

Compelling reasons to have us as your brand's partner

- Extensive know-how of over 20 years in sportswear manufacturing
- Specialist in Cycling Apparel manufacturing since 2002
- Extensive know-how in manufacturing sportswear of all kinds
- Focus on using recycled fabrics made of recycled ocean waste
- Technologically much more advanced than other factories
- Made in Europe, using only European suppliers
- Flexible partner by offering to buy low MOQ's

Video: About Us

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on what we do.

The planet has been polluted for decades. The good news is that we can re-use most of the waste and make beautiful things from them again, such as performance sportswear.

We are a sportswear factory
based in Romania, Eastern Europe

There are so many benefits of working with us. If you are based in Europe, you don't have to pay import duties when receiving your order. You don't pay a lot for shipping. You can visit us easily. We work with European suppliers of fabrics and trims only.

Print- & manufacturing ON DEMAND
We combat overproduction and further pollution of the world.

In recent years, new technologies have allowed us to move away from bulk production to running smaller production runs on a more regular basis so that you never sit on extra stock. You also have a shorter route-to-market to try out new designs/new products.

Sustainability and Circularity.

Recycled Fabrics for Your Sportswear

Over 8 years ago, we pioneered the introduction of recycled fabrics among European manufacturers. Despite the growing popularity of initiatives claiming to "clean the ocean," many have fallen short in actual action. Sportswear of Tomorrow distinguishes itself by actively participating in the cleaning and sorting of recycled fishing nets and ocean waste in Thailand.

Our commitment extends beyond mere statements, as we are implementing a comprehensive system. This system enables both you and your customers to trace the history of each garment — understanding how it was made, by whom, the amount of waste recovered, and the compensation for the cleaning work involved.

In addressing the persisting issue of modern slavery in the recycling of ocean waste, we've established a vertically integrated solution. Every step of the value chain is under our direct supervision, ensuring ethically made and sustainable garments for you and your customers.

polluted vs clean beach

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About Sportswear of Tomorrow

Sportswear of Tomorrow offers opportunities for both individuals looking to start their own sportswear brands as well as for established brands seeking to produce merchandise for their followers or execute traditional manufacturing of bulk orders.We pledge to uphold ethical standards and deliver high-quality sportswear manufactured within the EU. Originating in Belgium in 2002 as a sportswear brand, we recognized the scarcity of manufacturers who truly fulfill their promises. Our production facility churns out hundreds of thousands of garments yearly, crafted from pre-dyed or sublimated fabrics. All our fabrics and trims are meticulously sourced from recycled polyester or biobased materials. With global shipping capabilities, we ensure rapid fulfillment times. Our overarching goal is to alleviate the burdens of production, allowing you to concentrate on brand development.

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