Sportswear of Tomorrow

Sportswear Producer in Europe to brands.

Bulk Sportswear Manufacturing

Volume orders

The minimum order on bulk orders depends on the complexity of the product, as well as the minimum quantity of fabric we have to purchase of the fabric supplier.

Take into account that a low volume, usually means the price per garment is high.

We have experience producing orders in the size of 10 000+ pcs per style as well as lower volume. The best way to find out if a partnership is possible, is to get in touch with one of our representatives.

Are you a sourcing manager or product developer, looking to produce larger volumes of garments?

Here are some of the key points that make us stand out from our competition.

  • • Own production facilities in Romania (Europe)

  • • Working exclusively with European fabric suppliers

  • • MOQ as low as 50 to 70 pieces, where possible. This depends mostly of the complexity of the garment

  • • Focus on using recycled fabrics where possible