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Common mistakes in graphic design

This article is about common errors we see from designers.

  1. Use original content
    We sometimes receive artwork from designers that contains copyright protected artwork. While Sportswear of Tomorrow does not carry responsibility for the artwork you use, we strongly encourage you to verify if the artwork you plan to use is part of the public domain and can be used freely. Your work can be taken down and you may end up with a lawsuit. Consult with an attorney, specialised in copyright, is the best route.

    How to ensure you are safe from copyright infringements?
    – Create your own original content or images
    – Purchase the right to use images from the original source
    – Use images that are available in the public domain
  2. Using a thin or small font
    During sublimation, the ink is being absorbed by the fabric. Also, some print may blur out a little. To ensure the text or logo is visible, always use thick and large enough prints.
  3. Low quality images
    Too often, we receive GIFs, JPGs or other format images that are of poor quality. For great quality printing, we require vector images.
    To learn more what
  4. Copying Rapha or other known brands
    We often receive designs that are a cheap rip-off, of existing brand’s designs. As Rapha was the trendsetter in minimalistic designs, which then became very popular, we often receive a product photo of a Rapha (or other known brand) garment, with the request to copy this design. Rapha became successful because they differentiated from others in terms of design, approach to market, sponsoring and more. Don’t be a Rapha. Create original designs.
    The same goes for artwork that was made by one of our competitors. We have a great relation with our competitors so do not ask us to copy their designs.
  5. Grammar mistakes
    There have been cases where we have produced apparel with grammar mistakes. Please verify if all your vector images are free of spelling mistakes. One print, I remember was for a supplier of construction materials. On all parts of the apparel, they wanted the print HANDMADE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. But on the chest, nobody had noticed that there was an ‘H’ missing for HANDMADE, resulting in clothing printed incorrectly. We also often get asked to produce apparel with text we do not understand as it’s written in another language. Sportswear of Tomorrow carries no responsibility, if you supply wrong artwork. So always double check the artwork before sending it in. Example below.
Spelling errors such as here ‘ANDMADE’ instead of HANDMADE, lead to wrongly printed apparel for which we do not carry responsibility.

Wrong color references
We suggest getting a colorbook printed on your most commonly used fabrics. They have the CMYK reference on them, that you need to enter in Illustrator or CorelDraw when preparing the artwork. We can not match Pantone colors to prints. The responsibility to match Pantone colors to our colorbook is yours. And, of course, be careful when entering the CMYK code in Illustrator. 1 wrong entered number, can give a total different result, which is not always visible on screen.

If you do not feel confident in preparing artwork correctly, get in touch with us. You can use our design services to assist you in creating outstanding artwork for your next apparel project

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