Tips and tricks on how to start your own sportswear brand, with our support.

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Choice of patterns/fits

Great! Looks like you have decided to go for it. We are happy to have you with us and will help you to start up your own cycling brand as quickly and as effectively as possible. 

Your Patterns define your brand. 

Ask a cyclists to name 3 renowned cycling brands and I dare to put a bet on it that 4 out of 5 will mention Rapha. 

Why? In a world that was dominated by brands that have been around for ages, RAPHA was the 1st to really set new trends. Some innovations worked, others needed some tweaking. Such as the MESH JERSEY worn by Chris Froome during a race in South Africa. Image. Text continues under image.

As a manufacturer that has been around for decades (we are exporting cycling goods globally since 2002!), we have extensive knowlegde in materials and accessories. Just talk to us and we will share what we know with you, so you don’t make expensive mistakes.

But as I said, RAPHA was and is still one of the innovators. They have a great range of products, which is pretty expensive but worth the money.

In technical words: When we sew a standard cycling jersey, the average sewing minutes per jersey is about 25-30 Minutes. A RAPHA jersey took us 63 minutes. Almost DOUBLE. There are lots of detail which you do not see on the outside. It is why RAPHA costs what it costs. 

Since RAPHA partnered up with TEAM SKY Cycling Team, we have received numereous requests from start up cycling brands, willing to copy RAPHA. Our advise? DON’T.

Your patterns define your brand. Get our samples. Try them on. Make changes. Till you like the fit. Secondly, we will think together of how to apply the design you want for your new collection/team cycling kit.

We have a large number of fabrics on stock and can get practically any other fabric that is available in the market within very short timeframes. Some fabrics are thin, others thicker (defined by GSM), others are brushed, have a different structure, ….. . There are really thousands of options. So try to put together a list of features you want the final garment to have, and we will put together a list of fabrics for you.

The choice of fabrics is important when you are going to make your own patterns. Are you engaging a pattern maker, make them by yourself (if you have the knowledge in house), or rely on us? 
We can tell you that the fitting of the garment will be the key to your success. And it’s definitely not easy to make cycling apparel! The placement of the pad is one of the most crucial things!

For your convenience, we have put together a list of over 200 patterns that we have available for customization, amendment or other.

If you are going to make your own, please get the person that is going to develop the patterns to talk to us. About the pattern requirements and all other details. We will tell you exactly what we need. As such, you will not waste time when developing your patterns and finally we would need to re-do part of the work.

Conclusion: Your or our patterns? It’s going to be critical for your brand. We are ready to assist with all the knowledge we have, including on the choice of fabric for each part of the garment! 

When the base pattern is ready, we should make a PP sample. (Pre Production sample). It’s most likely the 1st sample is not perfect. We will make a 2nd, 3rd sample till all is perfect. This sample will be the final product that will also serve as example to the team of seamstresses that is going to produce your apparel. 

In our next blogpost, we will look at the artwork preparation, once the base sample has been produced and all was tested and approved! 

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